Design process

I have put together a design process that I like to follow for UX/UI projects. By no means is this a one size fits all as it depends on the project and client. Based on the double diamond process developed by the British Council it can help visualize the creative process.

It can be broken down into 2 parts:

  1. Gathering information and research
  2. Creating and testing

This is not a strictly linear process and it’s often necessary to switch back and forth if the desired results have not been achieved.



Find the right problem to solve, what should be focused on? Understand rather than assume by speaking to users and empathizing with them. Research and learn about the business and its competitors

Outcomes and actions: User interviews, competitor analysis.



Define a clear challenge by making sense of the insights learned in the discovery phase. Consider the delights along with pain points and prioritize the areas that need the solution most.

Outcomes and actions: A project plan, user journeys, user flows, red routes, information architecture



Explore potential solutions to the problem. Encourage different answers to the same problem. Develop concepts into prototypes, test, and iterate.

Outcomes and actions: Workshops, wireframes, rapid prototyping, low fidelity mockups, concepts, mood boards, gestures, guerilla testing



Develop the final solution. Evaluate the feedback and iterate to create a concrete solution.

Outcomes and actions: High-fidelity mockups, prototypes, style guides, usage guidelines, user testing



Study how users interact with the design and use this data to improve the efficiency of the product. Build, test, iterate, and repeat.

Outcomes and actions: User testing, analytics


The thing to remember is practice makes perfect and the overall goal is to no longer make decisions based on assumptions but rather from carefully collected and evaluated feedback.

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