Wow, I have completed 4 weeks of being on my creative journey. I feel like I have learned a lot and exposed myself to many talented people and illustration styles. This week saw me tackling, twists, and movement in the figure drawing class. I created a tiki god mask illustration using posca markers and had a fun time illustrating family faces. My inspiration this week was the super talented Suzy Ultman who has a playful style that I just fell in love with. So much so that I want to buy all of her stuff! 

It was a very hot week so I took advantage of managing my own time. I worked till around 2-3 pm and took the afternoons off to enjoy the sunshine and eat ice-cream with my lovely neighbors.

Figure Drawing

Fun illustration

A cute illustration of my nephew for an imaginary children's book
A cute illustration of my nephew for an imaginary children's book

Inspiration: Suzy Ultman

Used Posca markers to recreate some of Suzy Ultmans illustrations
Recreating these illustrations really brightened my day. I was drawn to the fun playful style and use of color

I had the pleasure of exploring the fun playful world of Suzy Ultman! Really enjoyed copying her characters and illustrations using bright markers. She is a multitalented illustrator, product designer, and all-around crafty girl living in the midwest USA. I particularly like her wooden dolls: Mr Sun and friends and the City blocks. I wish I could get my hands on all her merchandise!

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