Fidelity International – Persona wall

Project overview

Create internal awareness of the different personas of Fidelity International’s current and potential user base.
The brief involved taking qualitative research data and visualising it in an engaging way for all internal employees. The output was a large wall covering set in prime locations of Fidelitys offices including UK and India. The canvas was part of a wider marketing campaign featuring blog posts and email marketing. The illustration was progressively revealed to show each persona – 4 in total.

My role

To assist a junior designer in realising his vision of showcasing the life of each persona by taking a view into their daily life; where they lived, where they worked, their hobbies and spending habits. We collectively created an illustrated landscape that was linked to each personas character.
A challenging yet satisfying piece of work that required planning and scamping of over 50 individually created assets.

  • Illustration
  • Planning
  • Mentoring




Nearing Retirement

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