Zesty Healthcare Emails

Client overview

Zesty enables patients to access 100s of healthcare appointments with ease and speed. The on-demand service is available via desktop, tablet and mobile devices, including an Android and iOS app. Zesty’s vision is to make booking an appointment as easy as booking a flight, hotel or restaurant online.

My role

I was responsible for both the design and development of all email communications. The recipients were healthcare practices that were signed up to the Zesty service and patients who booked their healthcare appointments through the website.

In most cases a minimalistic and robust design was used with the subtle addition of colour and images. The main emphasis was on the content so it could be read and understood regardless of how the email was finally rendered.

During my time with this client I experimented with a responsive framework called INK that has been specially created for HTML emails.

  • Email design
  • Iconography
  • HTML & CSS
Visual style


Email designs

Champagne Reception - reminder email

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