Zesty Healthcare Website


Client overview

Zesty enables patients to access 100s of healthcare appointments with ease and speed. The on-demand service is available via desktop, tablet and mobile devices, including an Android and iOS app. Zesty’s vision is to make booking an appointment as easy as booking a flight, hotel or restaurant online.

My role

I joined the Zesty team at an exciting period where the website was undergoing functionality changes. My role was to build upon the existing user journey and establish a new style across the responsive website whilst accommodating both business and user goals.

The business goals were to drive patient bookings and for the process from finding to booking an appointment to be relatively quick, ideally 60 seconds. The user goals were similar where efficiency and ease were important.

  • Responsive web design
  • UX/UI elements
  • Iconography
  • Establish visual style


Visual style


UI elements

To cater an experience that fulfilled both goals I refined the UI by displaying only what was necessary to the user, I used clean elements that were consistent across the website to bring familiarity and made use of icons to clearly demonstrate what it was the user was looking at and what they needed to do next.


UI elements

Responsive webdesign

To support the on-demand nature of Zesty, a responsive web design was important. A cohesive style was applied across all devices, making the switch from one device to the next seamless. The design for each device was customised to take into account the interaction differences that felt most natural to the user when using a particular device. E.g. navigation style on mobile vs desktop.

In addition I implemented a show and hide functionality on mobile designs. This was to overcome the lack of screen real estate also by giving priority to more important elements it supported the hassle free booking experience by not overwhelming the user with un-essential information that could deter them from booking.


Mobile design


Tablet design

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