Purple hair don't care created in watercolour pencils

It was nice to finally dedicate time to being creative. The week went well and I actually produced stuff. I felt fully inspired and encouraged to carry on my creative journey.

I stuck to my timetable and made sure I was flexible so that I could incorporate a self-paced business course. The course MATS, MBA is taught by the very wise and successful Lila Rogers and Beth Kempton who share their wealth of knowledge for creatives who want to make money from art. This gave me a great boost and confidence and also made me feel optimistic as well as providing some useful insight.

Another thing I loved this week was investigating and recreating some work from 2 artists that I admire, Helen Dardik and Ragonia. I approached my pieces of paper with no expectations as I am aware of my skill level and the different use of mediums. I just went with the flow and used what I had available to me. 

Figure drawing

Fun with Faces

Finished a Skillshare class called “Fun With Faces: Create a Stylised Digital Portrait” by Charley Clements. I followed along and made a rough version. Really enjoyed these classes, especially the process of creating my own portrait.

Fun with faces
Enjoyed drawing different facial expressions and features
Progress on my digital portrait


Helen Dardik 
An artist and illustrator based in Canada. She produces beautiful work including surface patterns, designs on children's toys, beautiful botanical paintings. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Rotterdam in the Netherlands last summer when she hosted a painting workshop. 

Hand lettered Stay safe surrounded my tropical blooms
Tried a piece inspired by  @helen_dardik with her take on colourful botanicals and adding my own weirdness using predominately zig brush pens

A freelance illustrator based in Seattle Washington. Has created editorial illustrations, surface designs, and book illustrations as well as selling her own merchandise including prints, totes, stickers.

A few copies of illustrations created by the talented Ragonia Art
Experimented with recreating some fun Ragonia illustrations

Art History

Read a brief summary of all the movements and highlighted the ones I want to explore. I have been drawn to Ancient Egypt, Aztecs, Mayans, and tribal art before. I started with Ancient Egypt and created a Pinterest board. After pinning a few items I used my iPad and procreate to create a quick color palette and did some quick rough sketches of a beetle and the eye of Horus. Art history is defintely an important step in my creative journey so will be doing sessions like this weekly.

The eye of Horus
The eye of Horus

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