This week I wanted to focus on people so I created a set of 6 illustrations based on some photos I had pinned on Pinterest. I was proud of the results and started to think that perhaps I should approach future weeks in a similar way with one focus instead of many. One thing that needs work is the background elements. In addition I did have a short look into the world of Keith Haring and created a quick illustration in dedication to my bros!

My process

Like most of my illustrations, I started by sketching each pose using the Narinder pencil brush on the Procreate app using my apple pencil and IPad Pro. Once I was happy with a black and white version of the figure, I added some background elements on a separate layer and reduced the opacity to 40%. Next, I group the layers, duplicate them, and create individual layers for the blocks of colour. My go-to brush when doing this is Tinderbox, which is an ink brush. I like the texture and effect when applying the strokes. I love working on my ipad pro especially when adding colour as I can very easily clean up mistakes and adjust the colours until I am happy. The backgrounds to the illustrations were a little tricky and I purposely didn't add too much detail and left them rough and ready. I wanted the focus to be on the people themselves. Sometimes I added in texture on clothing such as the jeans using the Nikko Rull paint brush. To get the desired effect I switched the layer to multiply and reduced the opacity till it looked just right.

Initial Sketches

Finished pieces

Original photos

  1. Bench phone guy:
  2. Coffee girl:
  3. Flares lady:
  4. Vest guy:
  5. Noodle girl:
  6. Ice-cream guy:

Happy Bro Day

One day this week Indians celebrated a Hindu festival called Raksha Bandhan. Sisters or close friends tie multicoloured decorated threads around the wrists of their brothers to celebrate love and brotherhood. This is often followed by feeding them a sweet treat! I created this for my brother and a close dude friend as I cannot see them in person.

Art History: Keith Haring

I flicked through a book about the legendary Keith Haring and learnt a lot about his history and the different artworks he created. I quite like his style and can relate to it as I often create doodles. This was a short session but I wanted to express my findings and his style in my own way so I quickly put together the following 3 pieces on my iPad Pro.

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