This week the UK had some super-hot temperatures followed by a much-needed thunderstorm. The super sunny days were great but I found it hard to create much after around midday. Regardless I created an illustration using posca pens that featured my doodles and keeping in the theme of summer I created 6 ice-lolly illustrations that I intend to post next week onto my Instagram.

Doodle puzzle illustration

Last week I briefly looked into Keith Haring and was encouraged to keep doodling. I decided to create something with my Posca pens using a limited palette. To create some interest I divided the paper into 6 even-ish sections and post each section onto my Instagram feed each day. The doodles were loosely based on a previous collection I created my iPad Pro. I was happy with the output and the distribution of colour. If I was to create this to be sold as a print, there would need to be some clean up required but this was more of an exploration.

Ice lollies!

This week involved consuming a lot of ice lollies! Therefore it felt right to illustrate a few classics including some of my favorites from Walls. I chose to illustrate in a similar way to my other creations but wanted to try to make them a little more realistic so included depth with shadows and highlights etc. I chose bright coloured backgrounds with a subtle white pattern that loosely resembles sprinkles.

A note about timetables, planning, and expectations

I am quite the planner but found that in recent weeks I have veered away from my timetable. I realized the idea of setting myself weekly challenges of creating a series of illustrations that I post daily onto Instagram actually took up a lot of my time and put the pressure on. This is good and bad, good because I am creating much more of my own work but bad because I feel like I am falling behind on my other tasks or lessons. I believe it is time to revise my timetable and set realistic expectations for myself. In addition I have been pretty distracted with; the sunshine, socialising with neighbours, and visits from family members etc. Some of which, have led to a few short weeks. I do believe that there is value in those activities so will not be so hard on myself but need to ensure I get back to my creativity.

I didn't want to waste my hot afternoons so started watching some more skillshare classes about using Instagram more effectively and how to handle a creative brief for a book cover. Both classes were encouraging and triggered a whole load of illustration ideas. Now I need to decide which ideas I want to execute and plan out when to take action. I am considering printing off a calendar and marking in deliverables and then working backwards to ensure it's feasible. I think this kind of planning could help me keep the momentum going and provide some focus.

Art History: Henry Matisse

This week I briefly looked into the work of Henry Matisse. He had a wide body of colorful work that ranged from painting to paper cut-outs. I liked a few of his pieces and hope to recreate some in the coming future. As a quick exercise, I created a pattern inspired by his ceramic mural "La Gerbe" (below). I was attracted to the colours and organic shapes that I perceived as leaves and coral.

La gerbe, 1953 - Henri Matisse -
Image courtesy of Wiki art

My Matisse inspired pattern in 3 colour ways

Re-creating leaves from William Morris

In the past, I have found painting and drawing leaves a little difficult so decided to do a study on how William Morris drew leaves. I will do some more of this where I draw tropical leaves too.

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