This week was a little slow in terms of creativity but I did do more planning then usual. I illustrated a set of tropical leaves, pinned some tropical flowers, created a quick pattern and set myself a loose content plan for the rest of the year.

Tropical leaves

A quote and a quick pattern

Content plan

I found myself making a list of all the possible things I could illustrate which included so many things including florals, people, patterns, animals, food, lettering, buildings etc. It was exciting and overwhelming all at the same time so I decided to plan out when I was going to tackle them and what made the most sense. I figured it was best to map out the content dependant on the season so what I posted onto Instagram was relevant and therefore create better engagement with my current and potential followers. Another reason a plan could work is so that I have the content prepared instead of creating something last minute, which, is often the case, or even worse I just skip it completely.

I categorised my content in 4 major groups; plants, food, animals/characters, and finally observed holidays or occasions. I haven't included all my ideas as that could be too ambitious and was aiming to turn down the overwhelming feeling. Even the below can sometimes look too much as we are coming towards the end of summer which means theoretically I should be preparing/creating Autumn illustrations. Another thing to note is, I may not illustrate for the holidays mentioned or I may do some of which are not here. I am undecided on those. I have not been totally inclusive of all the cultures here - of which I want to be, so we shall see what I can manage. So many possibilities and only so much time and creative energy.

The plan is to weave in some lettering too but this guide should give me a direction of sorts and keep me relevant and an endless source of things to create, whether manually or digitally on my trusted iPad Pro.

PlantsTropical leaves
Tropical flowers
Woodland/forrest elements
Autumn wreath or bouquet
Winter wreathesSpring bulbs
FoodCitrus fruitRoot vegetables
Party food
Seasonal cookies (gingerbread etc)
Animals/ CharactersJungle animalsHalloween charactersChristmas charactersDomestic animals
Summer bank holidayHalloween
Bonfire night
New Year
Chinese New Year
Valentines day
Pancake day
Eid Al Fitr

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