This week I had fun drawing some animals, doodling a peacock pattern, did some quick sketches from a botanical book, and lettered a fitting quote.

Initial sketches of the animals

This was a fun subject matter for me as I love animals and I got to relive my days touring Africa where I spotted these wonderful beings in their natural habitat. I used my photos taken in the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park as reference. The initial sketches were simple and mostly clean lines. I chose friendly closed eyes and included the most identifiable features. My favorite was the leopard hanging out in the tree!

Animals in colour

I chose a limited colour palette and was really happy with how these turned out. The pink and yellow reminded me of the beautiful African sunsets and the varying shades of teal were great for background elements such as grass, foliage and Acacia trees. The backgrounds did take a while for me to construct so I decided to try a different approach for the flamingo and chameleon. It turned out these did also take a while but I quite like the result. I added in textures here and there using a paintbrush set to multiply and masked it to fit the shape. All of the animals were created on my iPad Pro using Procreate. The brushes I used were 6b pencil for the outlines, Tinderbox to add colour and to create the backgrounds and lastly a Stucco paintbrush for texture.

I can see these being sold as prints - I know I would be tempted to buy them!

Peacock pattern, botanical sketch and a fitting quote

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