After a slow week last week, I was determined to be much more creative! I started the week by sketching a bunch of autumn leaves and experimented with blending colours on my iPad Pro. I then moved onto seasonal vegetables but not before planning my Instagram feed using the marvelous Planoly. I also created a few other pieces to fit with my African traveling theme too.

Initial sketches and illustrations of some leaves

African patterns, travel sketches and proverbs

Seasonal Vegetables!

I decided to illustrate a set of vegetables that are in season during the months of September. There was a lot to choose from but I narrowed it down to these 6. I found these to be quite rewarding when finished and some were a little challenging, mostly because prior to this week I had not blended colours on my iPad before. I don't think my go-to Tinderbox ink brush was the best brush for the job so it did take some trial and error to get the end result I was happy with. The leek in particular was tough!

As a result of the blending, I was also quite conscious of how realistic they were turning out. My aim was to have enough characteristics for them to depict their real from but to also still have an illustrated feel. I guess the more I draw/illustrate the more I will find which style suits me and what lends itself better. Overall pretty chuffed with these pieces! The ones I have posted were my first export so they may well be adjusted somewhat when they eventually appear on my Instagram feed next week. I would like to recreate these in a more fun style with faces. Also, try my different mediums such as posca markers and coloured pencils!