I sty with my swollen eye..

I focused on eyes this week - coincidentally at the same time as me getting some gross sty thingy on my own eye! In addition, I finished an ongoing task of drawing faces - a grand total of 34! One of the highlights was an inspirational artist on Instagram sharing my post of recreating her artwork! Shame it was a mess but yay! 

The early start of my week was me playing catchup on my blogging. This was painful, but rewarding to recap my progress. I have designated a day to do this now so it won’t be too last min and hopefully no more backlog!

Figure drawing: light planes and features

I learnt about the different planes of the face and how to draw features
I learnt about the different planes of the face and how to draw features

Illustrating eyes

To help me with finding my own illustration style I decided to draw the different ways one could illustrate an eye. I included eyes from my own pieces and drew upon some inspirational creators to see how they rendered eyes for their own illustrations and characters. In isolation they may look odd and not depict the true personality and emotion so will be doing more work into setting them into the different faces in the coming weeks. It was an insightful task and has triggered a series of illustrations that I will be posting on Instagram. Keep an eye on my Instagram account for those! It is interesting to see how powerful the style can be, from playful to mysterious and how only a few strokes can convey an emotion. Another thing I leant was the different shapes that are available and how they can change the appearance. For e.g, the 2nd from the bottom row has a much more cartoony appearance compared to the others.

I put drew a variation of different eye styles
I drew a variation of different eye styles - a real eye opener.. (sorry)

Drawing faces

To get better at drawing faces I purchased a book called "Draw Like an Artist: 100 Faces and Figures: Step-by-Step Realistic Line Drawing" by Chris Legaspi. I bought the book in May last year and most recently dedicated some solid time to it. I am proud to say I completed all 34 portraits. I used my Ipad Pro and Procreate, with the procreate pencil brush and followed along step by step to construct the faces. Some look better than others but overall pretty pleased that I stuck with it.

Inspiration: Amanda Holden Designs

Not to be confused with the tv presenter, Amanda is an illustrator from Idaho, USA, who creates greeting cards, art prints, stickers, and more. I was drawn to her Instagram feed as it includes cute colorful illustrations, lovely hand lettering, and fun stickers and pins, etc. Being someone who letters too, it was nice to see how I could incorporate it within some illustration pieces. She started her greeting card business from the ground up so it was nice to watch her Youtube videos where she explained more about this and get a studio tour too.

I decided to recreate one of her cute houses using my Posca marker pens. The results were a little messy but took me back to my childhood when I enjoyed drawing houses. Drawing more buildings, shops, cityscapes, etc are on my list to do so will explore this more in the future. Reluctantly I posted my version on Instagram and Amanada herself commented and shared it on her own story!! Next time, before I post, I shall make sure my work is a little tidier!

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