End of another week already - the time is flying by. This week I created 2 illustrations of girls sitting around, visited a library, and was inspired by the lovely Meera L Patel. On Thursday I pressed flowers for the first time!

Sitting girls

This week it was time for me to venture away from my figure drawing book and start drawing poses of my own. This can be daunting so I referred to a bank of poses I saved onto my Pinterest board. I decided to try a style where the limbs are more enlarged, exaggerated, and overall more curvaceous. I almost finished the second illustration that I will be aiming to finish over the weekend. I was inspired by a few other illustrators including Diane Illustrates, Arnelle Woker and Stine. I wanted to represent a fuller female figure rather than the skinny supermodel lasses that are often depicted in mainstream media.

For the first piece (girl sitting on the floor) I chose colors from one of my previous palettes that include a brown for the skin and a dark purple for the hair. I wanted a background so went in and roughly drew in the bookcase that was in the reference photo. I found adding in a muted background was a great addition. It gave some context without fighting for attention. The finishing touch was a subtle texture that I brushed over the whole figure. Overall I am pretty pleased with this and proud that I created an illustration of a person!

The second piece was fun to do too, I liked this piece and could envisage how I would interpret it right away. I was drawn to how I could draw some chunky trainers and a large extended hand. I had to imagine a background for this one so chose a few interior items: a small bookshelf, a picture frame, and a houseplant. I added in a steaming cup of tea to relate to her winter jumper. I got as far as the initial sketch and experimenting with color. To do this I create a layer under the sketch and very roughly add in different swatches to see what works. A limited palette is what I aim for but due to the detail on the jumper, I am currently looking at around 7 different colors. Will see how this illustration develops and will post my final piece onto instagram.

Art History

A couple of afternoons were lost to appointments but I managed to adapt and visited a library to pick up some art books. I chose books on Gustav Klimt, William Morris, Matise and Keith Harding. I have been briefly studying Gustav Klimt's paintings and quite like his use of symbols and patterns. Hopefully will revisit this in the coming weeks.

Live Skillshare - Fun with faces

The wonderful Charley Clements hosted a great live session about drawing faces. Her classes on Skillshare have been invaluable to me and gave me so much confidence in drawing faces, so it was a pleasure to join the live session. She covered how she picks skin tone and how to depict emotion with the positioning of shoulders. It was fun to transform simple blobs of colour into a bunch of different characters with their own personality. I am quite interested in how to represent a range of different ethnicities so the skin tones were of particular interest. I have been on the hunt for pens and pencils that represent skin tone shades.

Inspiration: Amanda Kammarada &
Meera L Patel

This week I wanted to look for illustrators and artists that used lettering in their work. I have been a keen letterer in the past so wanted to see what others do. The handful of artists I checked out included Amanda Kammarada. Her feed is full of great uplifting words lettered in bright colours. From her work, I can see the importance of having a consistent color palette. Amanda shares her knowledge of hand lettering with her own workbook and classes. I was inspired by her positive attitude that comes through in all her work!

My second inspiration was the beautiful work from Meera Lee Patel. Meera is an author and artist that explores all that we are which includes mental health. I was inspired by everything. Not only are her pieces delightful to look at, but the content is also warming and meaningful. I found her vibe to be very uplifting and caring which is something I hope to emulate myself. One of the tasks I did when approaching my style was to think about my values and how I want to be seen to others. I also brainstormed the type of themes and subject matter I could explore. My notes included: helping people untangle life and shining a light on those who are quietly struggling.

My replication of one of her artworks wasn't great. My watercolour pencils did ok but clearly not as effective as watercolour paints. However, my aim when replicating isn't perfection, but to try something new. It might be time to get my watercolour paints out and brush up on my flowers and foliage!

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