Abstract blooms

I have doodled quite a lot before and when I have no agenda my mind often wanders and I create weird and funky shapes and patterns. Sometimes faces appear and sometimes they lend themselves to abstract plants and blooms. I decided to create a collection and for the first time, fill them with colour and share it on my Instagram. It was a courageous move on my behalf as theses creations were all from my own imagination, no replicating from other artists or photos. I was happy with how they turned out and maybe one day they could be available in print form. As they are my first collection I think they will evolve over time and I can experiment with shading and texture.

My Process

I used the Procreate app on my iPad pro and began by drawing from my imagination using the Narinder pencil brush. At this stage, the illustration is in black and white and once I'm happy with the overall shape and level of detail I move onto the next bloom. I have been reluctant to add colour in the past in case I ruin the appearance, the possibilities are endless and I am always worried that I will overdo it. However, I called upon the knowledge I gained from a Skillshare class and created a limited colour palette. The first colour I chose was for the background. Next, I took a big brush in procreate (my go-to at the moment is Tinderbox) created a layer underneath the black and white bloom and put down strokes of colour to see what worked well where and made adjustments to the swatches when needed. Once I was happy with the colour palette I discarded the experimental layer and began creating the individual shapes on their own layers. Further detail was added using the technical ink pen brush. I adjusted and recoloured as I went along to ensure the contrast was right and the colours popped on the chosen background. Some of them followed the original pencil drawings but others evolved and changed as I added colour.

Art history: Willam Morris

I took out a book about William Morris from my local library and was blown away by his floral surface patterns used on wallpapers and other interior design. I decided to replicate 2 individual flowers using colored pencils. It was a nice opportunity to try out blending and use a new medium. The technique of blending was almost mind-blowing. I was very surprised to see a gradient effect being produced with colored pencils instead of using digital tools or paint!

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